Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) 100% Safe, Natural Results, Permanent Solution!

Since 1970, we’ve been treating baldness In hair transplant in Kota at ALCSIndia. After having initiated FUE in 2003, we innovated & started the hair transplant in Kota technique TM in 2005. In hair transplant in Kota, MD Dermatologist physicians perform solely the process from beginning to finish. The Kota Hair Restoration Academy the one & only academy in baldness has trained and accredited our physicians. It guarantees maximum viability consequence, 100% security, and life development.

3 Measures Procedure

Hair follicles have been extracted one by one having an instrument that was specially designed. The follicles are kept at a Particular temperature and at a way that enhances their growth without cutting breaking up or handling the grafts


The hair follicles are planted employing the hair transplant in Kota Implanter, an instrument, also with no generation of openings or slits.

Charge of the thickness, angle, and direction of every graft’s positioning ensures 100% natural results, the hair that is implanted won’t ever drop out and maximum viability and will grow for a lifetime.

Key Features


*Protocols have been applied and in all levels to ensure security.

*Grafts Viability

*Although the industry average is approximately 50 percent viability speed is over 90%



Process is performed which makes the process painless

*No Scars

Simply hair follicles implanted and that are made to grow for life are chosen.

*Natural Outcomes

Charge of the management, the thickness and the angle of positioning ensures 100% organic results.


*Doctors Only

MD Dermatologists perform the process from beginning to finish, trained and trained by the London Hair Restoration Academy. 

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